What if you could visualize hard-soft skills? Per student.

Students build up their qualities throughout their curriculum. But they only see their grades. So why not, actually show what their strong skill sets are?

That’s what Scorecard does. It makes ‘hidden’ skills visible.

Visualize your student skills. Automatically.

We know. It sounds to good to be true. But it can be done. The skills are already ‘hidden’ in your curriculum course and student grades. And we know how to visualize (and validate) those skills and core competencies.

So, how does it work?

Who can use it? It's for everybody.

Everybody can use it. Students. Teachers. Coaches … and even Management.

How does it work? It's automated.

Scorecard works automatically. You – as a teacher – don’t need to do anything.

Use it as a teacher, student or entire school.

You can use scorecard as a student, teacher or even throughout your whole education; levels 0 to 8 (based on the EQF)

All curriculum course skills made visible? Easy.

We have developed a tool that makes it easy to extract and visualize all the skills that are scattered around your courses and curricula. Scorecard is your cornerstone. All skills made visible. Instant.

For each university +/-

  • 168 courses
  • 6729 modules
  • 235.000 skills

What are users saying?

Here’s a selection of students, teachers, job coaches, company recruiters and school management staff about the advantages of using Scorecard.


A company asked for my “experience”. I showed them my scorecard skills. I was hired as intern.


I’m definitely going to use it at my next job interview.

Job Coach

I can directly help and guide a student into jobs and industries of their likings, because of the clear and effective personal skill set and qualities overview provided by Scorecard.


It saves me time and therefore I can focus on student’s personal qualities and development (and get them motivated!)


I have a better understanding of what students learn at during their courses. It’s not only knowlegde. It’s also attitude and behaviour as well. Great find.


 It’s the overall of quality of all our students that get visualized and validated in a ‘vertical’ way throughout our courses and curriculum.


Scorecard is bases on the I/EQF – International European Qualification Framework – and also built as a modular framework, making it applicable for almost every educational institute.


The framework is highly adaptable to implement. Scorecard works with the International and European Qualification Framework including the Dublin descriptors and levels 1-8 (or even custom levels).


As a teacher you need to justify the level of grading. Scorecard therefore takes your rubrics into account. We even have easy tools for you to use and keep track.


Scorecard works automatically, because the base is there. But there’s also room to provide feedforward and feedback: Formative.


When Scorecard is initially pre-pared all the summative information will be at your grasp in clear and structured overviews.


Algorithms, correlation and more .. It’s easy to get a report based on over all competencies throughout your course curriculum. This way you can focus on keeping and improving quality and potentially giving teachers and students extra attention on focus areas.


Competencies are built up from skills, qualities, knowlegde, behaviour and attitude. It’s all customizable. We give you the tools to create custom competencies and provide competency overviews that are in your curriculum.


When students progress into their final year, they might be interested in what profession or industry their qualities would work best for them. The matching system is and indication of what jobs and interests could make them happy.

And more ...

We are a tech company – so yes we are always developing and improving. And yes, we also use blockchain and algorithms. But most of all, we listen to you, the user. Creating software that works for you (making life easier)

Stats & Figures

Independent research indicates the following stats and impressive results.

Clear indication of skill sets

Students acknowlegde that Scorecard’ StudyCard provides a clear indication of personal soft-hard skills and overall SWOT and skill sets.


of graduates likely to use Scorecard at a job interview / application


of students indicate a much clearer view on which competency
has been achieved during their curriculum course


of reduction in time that a study coach and teacher needs per student


students understand better what their strongest
competencies and what these competencies entail.


of students is stimulated by Scorecard
to improve and work on their personal competencies.


of students indicates a clearer understanding of coherency between competencies and course modules and study learning objectives.


What would you like to know? We can report all kinds of data queries based on your skills throughout your educational curriculum.

Hard and Soft skills

Teacher focus on knowlegde, behaviour and attitude. These things matter in live. Why? Because knowlegde is one thing. But getting from A to B requires a certain attitude and behaviour.

Formative and Summative

Teacher focus on knowlegde, behaviour and attitude. These things matter in live. Why? Because knowlegde is one thing. But getting from A to B requires a certain attitude and behaviour.


What makes somebody competent? It’s a combination of skills, attitude, behaviour and knowlegde … and experience. And competencies differ from each other e.g. a competent computer programmer at a bank would require a few different skills, than a programmer for games.


Everybody knows about SWOT analysis, but for each core quality there are opposites liking as strenghts, weakness, pitfalls and allergies.

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