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We have been working on our Scorecard platform for a couple of years
… and here’s some mapped and validated data for your consideration:

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Study Skills Made Visible

Learning Outcomes, Descriptors, Indicators, Competencies, ....

Benefits for the students:

For students, Studycard offers a unique way to track their own progress and see where they stand in relation to their peers. This helps students stay motivated and engaged in their studies, as they can see how far they have come and what they need to work on next.


Benefits for the teachers:

With Studycard, institutes, curriculum makers, and teachers can see which areas their students excel in and where they need improvement, allowing them to adjust their teaching approach to better support their students. 


StudyCard benefits both the student and the teacher, as the student will receive a more personalised learning experience, and the teacher will be able to see their impact on student performance.

We are Scorecard. We make software solutions for the educational market.


What's in StudyCard?


General Study Info e.g. EQF - Level, School, ...

Study Year - Cohort

Study Profile





Skills with 'rating' e.g. average, good, excellent.


Key learning performances are what the student must master.


StudyCard provides general course information EQF-level, Institute, Cohort etc.


Descriptors describe in detail per performance which outcome is expected.


The indicators indicate the result of the performance and descriptors.


On an overall StudyCards can measure student skill progression in realtime.


StudyCard has the ability to measure levels of components e.g. competency, skill, performance, …


Competencies are built from underlying skill (sets) and mastery levels.


Skills can categorised into ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills and StudyCard provides a clear skill overview.

Study Skills Made Visible


Studycard is a revolutionary solution that helps students and teachers to make their study skills visible and trackable.



The platform provides a comprehensive and dynamic way to monitor student progress and tailor learning experiences to their individual needs.


Realtime info: Closing the skills gap.

What sets Studycard apart from other solutions is its focus on student-centered learning and its ability to provide real-time feedback to both students and teachers. It helps to close the skills gap too, because it helps you visualise which skills need improvement or not.

Study skills, outcomes and more visualised

With this powerful solution, education stakeholders can better understand and support student learning, leading to improved outcomes and success.

Our  solutions:

About Scorecard

Our Mission

Our mission is to make all the study skills visible in the world and provide easy to use ‘teacher tools’ to make the life of a teacher more efficient, less time consuming – by taking away a lot of administration – so the teacher can focus on what they do best – and that’s teaching and educate the students.

Scorecard is an EdTech company. We create and provide educational software solutions based on the European Qualification Framework. We help educations with our easy to use smart “teacher tool” software such as the #curriculummaker and #studycard and many other tools … all automated and easy to use and intergrate.

How Can Scorecard's EQF Help You? "Education Quality Framework"


You can automate at least 80% of your administrative processes e.g. curriculum alignment, course creation and grading.


Do the learning outcomes meet the study outcomes? How many times are competencies x and y checked in your learning path? Want to skip mis-alignment in your curriculum? No problem with #curriculummaker

Time reduction

Do you know how many time a teacher spends on administrative processes? With smart teacher tools you can reduce it by 80% - and by this - they can focus on actual teaching and less administrative stuff.

Lower Costs

If 10+ teachers spend more than months creating curricula ... ever figured out how much $$$ that is? Our software can lower your costs by 80%.


Your data can give you context related insights e.g. 'How many skills are taught on level x? Or how many teachers are competent in field x and how does that relate to y?


You can stil use documents and excel sheets or any other tools or application. But with the help of our tools you can bundle this and keep your education organised with clear input and output overviews.

Data Information

There is a lot of data scattered around which is difficult to retrieve. So what if you could get that context related data and turn it into useful information e.g. 'Competency X is taught 100 times in year 1 and 25 times in year 2'

Much more ...

There is so much more to see, please take a look at the use cases, demos and reports so you can get a good understanding of what the Scorecard platform can offer you.

Our Solutions

"Teacher Tools Suite"

All the below mentioned products are in this suite.

Curriculum Maker

Create and align your curriculum from scratch. Use pre-set formats e.g. Entrecomp and other frameworks.


Overview of all the competencies and skills per student based on your curriculum.

Module Maker

Create modules in a breeze, set learning outcomes, learning goals, learning objectives, ...

Rubrics Maker

Grading has never been so easy. Set it up your criteria. Grade. Provide Feedback. Export individually or groups.


Allow students to name their SWOT challenges and their SMART actions taken upon this; including "STARR" method and others.


Provide feedback on student performance and progression, per learning goal, competency, skills, challenges and more ...


The portfolio provides a timeline based overview of WHAT the student actually has been doing within school or outside school.


Various reports on all the types of queries you would like to see e.g. 'How many learning outcomes cover x competencies and x skills'

Check out the "teacher tool" suite

For students, teachers, managers and many more ...

What do students and teachers say?

The Curriculum Maker is a huge time saver, I can directly pinpoint the missing 'delta's' between curricula and search for specific topics within a curriculum. Fantastic!
Simma, School Manager
I easily see on which skill level my student is progressing and I can adequately help and coach them on that specific skill, competence or learning outcome... It's a visual aid in student progression.
Eva, Teacher
StudyCard just helps with visualising my competencies and skill sets ... it's useful to show what I know and can do. Now I just print it out, or save it as a PDF and attach it to my resume.
xander, Student
Why wasn't StudyCard here yet? It's so obvious!
Geraldine, Student
The Curriculum Maker is a huge time saver, I can directly pinpoint the missing 'delta's' between curricula and search for specific topics within a curriculum. Fantastic!
Simma, School Manager

Automate: 80%
Let teachers teach.

If you can automate the administrative part of teaching it saves up to 80% of time per teacher.

Why Choose Us

Our team has a strong background in teaching and software development. We know WHAT we want and we know HOW to do it in order to help our fellow educational colleagues where we can.

Education = Skills

Education is the cornerstone of everything. You learn everyday. Either via school or via work or something else. You learn. Every. Day.

Our Solution(s)

We create various kinds of "teacher tools" where we focus on the core problems such as: time, mistakes, non uniformity.

We just want to make the administrative teaching process easier. So the teachers can focus on teaching.

And more tools are coming ...


Visualise student skills.


Align your curriculum from scratch.

Rubrics Maker

Quick grading and automatic grade calculation


Quick view of student progression, performance and pitfalls

Our Audience

We focus on our end users and give them the tools so they get the results that they want.


Vocational, bachelor, master ....


Primary, higher education...

education Managers

Study Course, Profile, Exam, Test, ...

And many others...

Quality, Managers, Coaches ...


Vocational, bachelor, master ....

Human Resources

Primary, higher education...


Study Course, Profile, Exam, Test, ...


Quality, Managers, Coaches ...


We care deeply about data and privacy protection. All data is hashed and protected. Therefore we will also never sell personal or business related data to third parties unless that party has agreed to this. We only use anonymous data to improve our technology and performance.

Our platform is built with the teachers and students in mind. The technical part is based upon the European Qualification Framework standardisation.

Our platform can suit every type of education that meets the European Qualification Framework standard, meaning that every primary, secondary, high school, vocational, university and everything in between can use our software teacher tools and platform in general.

Yes – our system is cloud based and can connect to any other system out there – as we have our own API and secure links. We only need a ‘handshake’ with your current system and you don’t need to do anything.

Yes – you can purchase the software independently, but also as a suite (which contains all the tools);  for either single or multiple users and on an individual or enterprise educational level. For more info take a look at

We tend to use our current tools, but if you want some custom minor changes, yes – we can offer customisation to meet your custom needs.

If you should have any more in-depth questions or want to explore one or another, please contact us via phone, email or use the form at

"There was a lot of paperwork. I wish I could put all the curriculum doc's together ... in 1 place"

When you are creating a curriculum, you might be using documents, excel sheets, drafts and many more. The problem is, that when you work with a lot of people, faults could slip in, different copies, no revision, no overview ….  so, what if you could organise this curriculum creation process in a simple matter.
Simple. Not simpler.

Want to try StudyCard?

Innovation within the education market is pretty new and as we listen to the market demands we do our research findings and exploration… 

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