Study skills made 'visible' ...

What if you could visualise study skills? Per student?

Students build up their qualities throughout their curriculum. But they only see their grades. So why not, actually show what their strong skill sets are?That’s what Scorecard does. It makes ‘hidden’ skills visible.

Visualize your student skills. Automatically.

We know. It sounds to good to be true. But it can be done. The skills are already ‘hidden’ in your curriculum course and student grades. And we know how to visualize (and validate) those skills and core competencies.

So, how does it work?


Who can use it? It's for everybody.

Everybody can use it. Students. Teachers. Coaches … and even Management.

How does it work? It's automated.

Scorecard works automatically. You – as a teacher – don’t need to do anything.

Use it as a teacher, student or entire school.

You can use scorecard as a student, teacher or even throughout your whole education; levels 0 to 8 (based on the EQF)

All curriculum course skills made visible? Easy.

We have developed a tool that makes it easy to extract and visualize all the skills that are scattered around your courses and curricula. Scorecard is your cornerstone. All skills made visible. Instant.

For each university +/-

  • 168 courses
  • 6729 modules
  • 235.000 skills

What are users saying?

Here’s a selection of students, teachers, job coaches, company recruiters and school management staff about the advantages of using Scorecard.

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