First step: StudyData ready? #

The first step to implement StudyCard, is to use your curriculum “study data”.

We know a curriculum is comprehensive, just make sure you have the following data ready:

  1. Institute
  2. Study
  3. Profile
  4. Competencies
  5. Skills

This is the very base you need to make StudyCard work. But if you want to dive deeper?

We recommend that you have the following ready to import too:

  1. Performances
  2. Levels
  3. Descriptors

Second step: Give access to your students #

Depending on which students have access to their StudyCards, we have multiple ways to grant secure access.

Wondering how to do so? Please contact Scorecard.

Is there a swift and easy way to get study data into StudyCard? #

We know that people at schools use excel, google sheets, word documents to map out their studies (you are definitely not the first)

No problem. That’s why we have created our ‘curriculum maker’ import tool, which makes it very easy for you to import.

Just, gather all your data, fill out the import fields of the above mentioned data.

The curriculum maker import tool automatically maps your study data into our structured and organised Scorecard Framework – and voila – StudyCard is good to go.



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Updated on December 11, 2023